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Habits and your behaviour,.

Habits can be our best friends and our worst enemies. Some of us formed certain habits early in life and they have been with us a long time. Hopefully you're in the habit of bathing and brushing your teeth! Maybe you've the habit of "biting your nails" or "using a bad language". Some suffer fr the habit of smoking and some benefit fr the habit of exercise. Whatever your situation is, you understand habits and you know they're diffucult to break. But me as an expert on this field tell you that it can take just two-three weeks to establish a new habit. So habits are easier to make than to break. That is what we can make them "valuable". Here some habits of my own routine ; * Rising early * Drinking water throughout the day * Taking the stairs instead of the elevator * Saving a little money each day and week * Exercise daily * Writing my journal * Loving * Praying daily AND you all know which habits we would like to break. The good and bad about these habits is that once you've them, They become automatic. And therefore, positive habits can help you do what you want and need to do with less conscious effort. Once a habit is established, there is less chance of "forgetting" to do it, right, 😉..
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